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Competition Conditions - EN

Competition Conditions 


Below is ABUS Nordic's general competition conditions, which apply when you participate in one of our competitions. These conditions apply unless otherwise stated in the competition post.

Always read both thoroughly.


Competition provider:

ABUS Nordic
Egeskovvej 15A
8700 Horsens


Where do the competitions take place?

Our competitions take place on the following social media channels: 

Facebook pages : ABUS Nordic - Låse og SikkerhedABUS Biking Nordic

Instagram pages: ABUS Nordic CyclingABUS Nordic - Las och säkerhet

The competitions are not sponsored, endorsed, administered by or in any way associated with either Facebook or Instagram.


Who can participate?
If you are over 18 years old and live in Denmark, Sweden or Norway, you are welcome to participate in our competitions online.

ABUS Nordic's employees as well as family and household members may not participate in the competitions.

ABUS Nordic reserves the right to check the age of winners and to exclude participants under the age of 18. We also reserve the right to check and exclude participants in connection with cheating.

Unless otherwise stated, participation in our competitions is free and each person can only participate once.


Can the prize be exchanged for money?
The prize is not conditional to purchase. In addition, the prize can not be exchanged for cash.

Should a person, as a result of the prize, incur a tax liability, or liability in connection with social benefits, ABUS disclaims any liability in that connection. If ABUS has a reporting requirement to the tax authorities in connection with the distribution of the premium, we have a duty to pass on information to the tax authorities.


How we draw a winner
ABUS randomly draws between the correct answers in the competitions.

We contact the winner directly via Facebook or Instagram via a private message.
The winner will be notified no later than 7 working days after the end of the competition. In the message we will ask for your full name, address, age and possibly an e-mail address so we can send the gift to you.

If the same competition is held on both Instagram and Facebook, we will randomly draw a name from all the comments, meaning there will only be one winnner - unless something else is stated in the competition post. 

If you do not respond within 4 days, we will automatically nominate a new winner and you will lose the right to the prize. This rule also applies to the next winner.

We publish the winner in the competition post and on abus.dk under competition conditions.


Personal data
When you participate in our competitions, you consent to ABUS Nordic registering your name, age or other necessary contact information, cf. above.

You also consent to ABUS Nordic - in connection with the distribution of your prize - passing on your name and address to freight companies. We only use your personal information to send the prize. We will delete your personal information as soon as possible after we have contacted you, sent the prize and the competition is over.

This applies unless we have a legal reason and obligation to store your information for a longer period of time - this is possible e.g. applicable in connection with the posting of invoices to freight companies.

By participating in our competitions, you also consent to ABUS Nordic publishing the winner's name on social media and on abus.dk under competition conditions.

ABUS will at no time sell or pass on the participants' information to third parties, unless otherwise stated.


Withdrawal of consent
As a participant in our competitions, you can revoke your consent at any time. We then stop processing the personal data for which you have given consent. You can revoke your consent by sending an email to marketing@abus-nordic.com.
The same e-mail can be used if you wish to exercise one of your other rights, cf. the personal data legislation (right of access, right of rectification, right of deletion, right of restriction, right of objection, right of transmission of information)

Read about the registered rights here: www.datatilsynet.dk.


Updates and more
ABUS reserves the right to continuously update the above conditions and procedures if necessary. Corrections and updates will be made within the legal framework. In connection with changes, the text above will be saved.


ABUS Nordic reserves the right to terminate the competition without prior notice. In addition, we reserve the right to block and delete content, such as images or anything else that violates the rights of third parties.


If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us at the following: marketing@abus-nordic.com


Version: 13-06-2022



Vindere 2022


ABUS Låse & Sikkerhed  Louise Ditlev Nielsen
ABUS Nordic Cycling / ABUS Biking Nordic (2022) Kathrine Jakobsen




ABUS Nordic A/S Egeskovvej 15A
DK-8700 Horsens

E-mail: mail@abus-nordic.com
Web: www.abus.dk